LTTA 2 – september 2019 – Kuopio, Finland:logo savo vocational college, go to website



Focus of this LTTA, performed by Savo Vocational college, will be the influence of digitalisation towards ifferent fields of profession.
We will offer a wide variety of insights in different professions in our college. The sectors are technical, economical, service and social professions. We will show the different way we implement digital technologies into the training courses and the current demands – and based on a fruitful discussion, we try to find out more about future demands. We will monstrate different methodological and didactial approaches and we will show the different technolocical prequisits.




-Influence of digitalisation in various professional fields​

-Implementing digital technologies in training courses ​

-Demonstration of various methodological-didactial approaches ​

-Demonstration of different technological prerequisites

Things we want to share:

Presentation of Savo vocational college

Kuopio-Presentation of Savo vocational college part 2

E-learning strategy document

Digitalisation at health care

Savo vocational college’s logistics department presentation

Education methodology at Savo vocational college

How Finland see the future education