We want to close the gap between the industry and their technical progress and the
vocational education and training and the sector of adult education, since we also
find here areas where further qualification towards a changing working world
is required. Therefore we want to start the exchange between
the industry and the educational sector in order to gain a perspective of the
future of technical professions. Based on this idea we thought about the
needs of the educational sector – what do we need to keep pace with the
industry and the ongoing changes when it comes to digitalisation.

Therefore in our application we stated to produce the following deliverables in order to
create an sustainable outcome of our project:

Concept about the technical and medial infrastructure of educational institutions (all)

Further-training concept for teachers/trainers with respect to ICT/Digitalisation:

    • New methodological approaches regarding Digitalisation (ROC)
    • ICT-training in different qualification-levesl (Werther Brücke)
    • Design of educational surroundings in various professional field with diffferent depth of ICT-usage (Savon)
    • Requirements of teacher training in the field of adult education (Starfsmennt)
    • The general approach of teacher training with respect to ICT/Digitalisation in Bavaria (ISB)
    • The training-concept for companies to seccure the competitivness in digitalizes production processes (IHK)

Dissiminationstrategie VET 4 0 Template (incl. target-groups and multiplication-events)

Actionplan Template (plan for using the project-outcomes)


Monitoring and Quality assurance:

Completeness, Quality and adherence to delivery dates



-Feedback-questionnaire for all participants of the LTTA

-Short self-evaluation report by the organisation who conducted the LTTA – with the explicit description of possible areas of improvement à distribution of the results to all project-coordinators

-Evaluation of the „Example of good practice incl. further-training concept and recommendations for infrastructure“ by „the critical friend“

-Publishing of the „Example of good practice“

-Time for discussion should be given


Further-training strategy and Infrastructure-concept: Presentation and defence among the project-coordinators (3. TPM)